Sound Healing

Sound healing supports students in moving from the mind to the heart. To reconnect with a deeper aspect of Being and supports an integration with the other transformational work thats offered through AHC.

Awaken Heart Center greatly believes in the healing power of sound. Many studies have found sound therapy to reduce anxiety, improve symptoms of depression, release tension and provide a greater sense of calm and well-being. Sound healing relaxes the nervous system and supports body, mind and spiritual wellness. People often feel a deeper sense of connection within themselves after practicing or experiencing some form of sound therapy. Mariah was certified at CIIS in SanFrancisco -A course called; Sound, Voice & Music Healing.

Sound healing has the ability to bring us out of the concerns and thoughts of the mind and into the presence and love of the body & Soul. At AHC we like to start and end each class with some form of sound practice as it aids in “Tuning” in and supports Integration-Allowing for healing at a deeper level and a sense of deep connection within. 

Mariah often will incorporate healing tones & mantras and sing chants with various instruments; like bowls, guitar and the Indian Shruti box. We embrace qigong healing sounds that nurture the organs and tissues in the body and share guided meditation practices that are often paired with vocal or instrumental sound healing of some kind.

Sound Healing Benefits

Relieve Emotional And Physical Pain

Sound healing has been found to lower stress levels, blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as, improve the mood, quality of sleep, and an overall sense of well being. 

Remove blocks

Sound vibrations have been found to help open the energy centers in the body and clear energetic blockages. 

Create sustainable change

Sound practices can help re-tune the brain to cope with stress better which can reduce anxiety, calm the mind-Supporting relaxation and improving emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

Balance and Connection

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How Sound Healing can help you

Calm an Overactive mind.

Feel a deeper connection with yourself and others.

It calms the nervous system, reduces stress and aids in establishing harmony within.

Sound can shift lower frequencies in the body to higher vibrations that support health and wellness.

Aids Spiritual Health and Well-Being.

It brings greater clarity, focus, ease and relaxation.

Treats fatigue & Insomnia and improves energy levels.

Treats anxiety, depression and disorders of the nervous system.

Supports pain management & relief.