Embracing Surrender & Allowing Love <3

September 24th, 2022, 1-10 pm

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Located at the Sacred Woods in Elmira, Oregon.

In these Deep & Tender times… May we come together to Heal together!

As we embrace the Equinox energy and move towards the Libra New Moon, we hope you can join us as we invite balance and liberate our hearts on this beautiful sacred land. At this start of the season’s change and as we move towards longer nights..We’ll join to heal, dance, and release whatever we’re ready to Let go of.

Renewing activities offered at this wellness experience will include Kundalini Yoga, Guided Emotional Freedom “Tapping” session with Qi flow & sound healing, Somatic practice, Meditation, Ecstatic Dance in the meadow, And a Sauna! (If weather permits..)

Transformational times are upon us…These last few years have not been easy for many. This experience offers us a space to be nourished together in this time of awakening and embrace supportive healing tools as the seasons begin to change.

Our souls are Re-calibrating.. It’s such a potent time to delve into mind~body practices that support our healing and togetherness.. As it can be so nourishing, and even necessary for the heart & soul.

Come find a sense of Renewal, as we Awaken our hearts and Inspire what’s new to come!

Our offering is based on a sliding scale…suggested donation. Please also let us know if you are interested in helping out in some way. 

We want to spread the love and healing far and wide And… We are keeping this gathering small scale so please RSVP to reserve your spot! 

We look forward to you joining us!



About The Event

Release & Renew!

Classes will take place in the Sacred Geodesic dome, Teepee and Beautiful Meadow.

The Day’s Schedule includes:

  • Kundalini Yoga class
  • Guided EFT Group “Tapping” Workshop, with Qi flow & Sound. Surrender Empower the new!
  • Dance!: Somatic meditation and Ecstatic style dance in the meadow near the Teepee and pond, surrounded by beautiful tall trees! 
  • We’ll hopefully end our night with a wood fire Sauna (weather permitting) and a small fire . 

Be in Nature

Nature Rejuvenates the Soul.

Join Us Amongst the Tall trees and precious wildlife in the Sacred Woods, on this Beautiful land! There are meadows, a pond and trails to explore.

This wellness experience will take place in mostly outdoor settings, In the Geodesic dome, Meadow and teepee. There’s an indoor bathroom and mini fridge and an indoor as well as an outdoor shower located outside of the Sauna.

This land has been tended greatly by land nurtures and owners, Rick and Linda, who live onsite. Enjoy this beautiful place with care for this amazing place they’ve so lovingly cultivated.

Learn new practices

Support & Heal

Emotional Freedom Technique is a self-healing tool..A practice you can learn to help support you in releasing stress, navigating challenges and healing old limiting patterns. It can support us in clearing energy and empowering what’s authentic, and new to unfold in our lives. It supports people in having a healthy relationship with  feelings, Clearing blocks in body mind and spirit and empowers positive beliefs that support overall health and wellness.

When we come together to relax the nervous system, “tap”, empower & free our emotions… Magic is possible!The guided group “Tapping” session is here to support healing shifts, Activate and Inspire!

We will do some Somatic, Qi and Sound practices as well as Kundalini yoga.



We’re in this Together!

We truly have stepped into the Aquarian age, now more than ever! This makes for such a beautiful time to come together and transform together. There is no doubt that the last few years have radically changed our way of life on the planet.

The old ways of doing things are shifting.. as the new, revived ways are revealed and implemented. Many have experienced major upheaval and challenging times.. And this is an amazingly spiritual time as well.. the Transformation is palpable. The spirit of togetherness is very much alive and we are not meant to do it all alone.  

Come together with beautiful souls to support and empower, so that we may rise with more “juice” as the seasons change and more energy in our personal lives, to feel at peace in our own hearts and share love with one another on this blessed planet that we call home.

Experience Deep Calm

Amazing Location

Building a sustainable future

Relaxing Time

We light the sauna for those interested in taking one ! 🙂 Bring a towel. 

Sauna’s promote detoxification and can support the Release and Letting go process at this wellness event- Offering relaxation and deep calm in body/mind & soul.


Sweat your worries away!

In the Wood fired Sauna


Outdoor shower

Rinse off outside in the beautiful sauna area!

Relax in nature

There are beautifully cultivated spaces to relax on the property. Amidst the trees, on the trails at the meadow or near the pond. Take your time and soak up this Divine piece of nature.

The peaceful pond

Sit by the peaceful pond-Connecting with the frogs, dragon fly’s and the wildlife that reside on this sacred land. We will dance near the pond and tee-pee late afternoon/early eve!

Meet Our Facilitators

We Heal Together!

Mariah Ambika

Mariah is a shadow & light worker ~ A transformation based EFT teacher and practitioner. She is a Yoga Qi Instructor and a Sound & Energy healer. She created Awaken Heart Center and teaches healing classes & workshops, and offers individual sessions online.

Mariah’s Activating Emotional Freedom Technique Group “Tapping” workshops tend to be very uplifting and inspiring! She has experienced profound healing personally through applying this practice and has witnessed in others its transformative powers with great results. Mariah has found that the healing qualities in this work continually keep giving, as the work is integrated and practiced. She is dedicated to supporting people in opening their hearts & mind to healing on physical, mental/emotional, as well as spiritual levels. 

The workshop Mariah will be sharing will center around Surrender, Moving through Resistances, Embracing vulnerable feelings and “What Is” to let go in trust and welcome healing. It is a guided group “tapping” session to support in clearing old patterns and welcoming what’s new to unfold in our lives! Offered with Qi movement and sound healing to Integrate.

As we step into fall and just as the leaves fall to the earth, we are supported in grieving… Releasing and letting go of what we’re ready to release, and opening up to the beauty that life has in store for us… Especially so when we feel safe enough to open our hearts in Trust, Vulnerability and Love.”

Kathryn Swick

Sutra 1.2 Yoga citta vritti nirodhah, translates to “Yoga is the calming of the fluxuations of
the mind”. The practice of yoga offers a pathway to peace and liberation.

Feeling deeply inspired and intrigued about the mysteries embedded in this ancient practice, Kathryn has
cultivated a passionate and deeply dedicated relationship with yoga. Kathryn offers
classes that combine the graceful, fluid and grounding movement of vinyasa, with the meditative exploration of kundalini yoga. She is humbled to witness the unfolding of self-
love and clarity that the practice of yoga brings to the student.

Kathryn has been transformed by her relationship with yoga and feels that she absolutely must share these
keys to freedom with others.

The class she is offering for the weekend of Awaken Heart will bring joy, tranquility, peace, and
the power to serve and uplift all in need. Through this practice, we fortify the capacity we
have to thrive no matter what setbacks, obstacles, or challenges we face. This set is good
for beginners and experienced practitioners, enhancing general flexibility and
strengthening the aura.


When you make it to the land please drive slowly and keep an eye out for deer and other wildlife. When you arrive on the property drive all the way down the road up near the big house. 

  • There you can park in a line, beginning near the house. Please park so others can get out if need be.
  • From there you can walk back down the road to the Teepee near the pond.
  • Please come in the teepee and get settled! As we will prepare to open, ground & sound. Afterward we will do a short walk about to get you acquainted with the land.
  • Enjoy your time on this sacred land! Thank you for being here.<3

Further Guidance & What to bring?

Once you make it out to the gravel road, There are a few people and animals who live on the land, so please be mindful.

Bring any warm clothes or a blanket/cushion you think you may want for the evening as well as any food or snacks you’d like. We will have some snacks available and potluck style dinner in the eve. Please bring an item to share, if is possible.

You may like to bring a journal or notepad and water bottle. Bring a towel for the sauna/shower if you hope to take one as well as a yoga mat and whatever you think you will need to be comfortable. 



Come with an open heart to heal!

You may wish to spend a little time in meditation the day before the event. Think of something in your life that you are wanting to transform in some way. What is no longer serving you that you wish to let go of, and what do you want to attract or allow into your life in this newly cleared space?

This can provide a space for your mind and heart to start getting ready and to receive the most out of your experience.

What are you wanting to release so you can empower yourself even more fully and allow into your heart and life what serves you now? 

In this time of stepping even more in alignment with who we truly are, May these deep times we are in and this wellness experience support you on your path and aid you in calming the mind, Awakening the Heart and nourishing body, mind & soul.

Experience Renewal!

Event Timeline

Sept 2022

Awaken Heart Wellness Day

Saturday Schedule

1:00 pm- Arrival, Get settled. 
1:30 pm- Opening circle (Teepee) 

2:00 pm-3:00pm~ Kundalini Yoga (Dome)

3:30-5:00-Emotional Freedom Qi Flow & Sound, Surrender & Empower the New!  (Dome)
5:00-6:00 Potluck style & Cacao
6:15 pm- 8:00 pm~ Dance! (Meadow)
8:00 ~10:00 pm~Sauna <3
(~Visualization/Sound in dome)
We look forward to being together!

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    Sacred Woods 

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