Yoga & Energy Healing

Energy healing supports balance within the chakras (the main energy centers in the body), aids in physical and emotional health & wellness, and can provide an opportunity to connect more deeply with ourselves, energy and life itself. People often turn to energy healing after they have tried to find healing in other ways and discover how healing, nurturing and deeply restoring it is. 

Awaken Heart Center offers many forms of energy healing including; EFT, Reiki, Theta, Qigong and Healing sounds.

Reiki transmits “universal life source energy” which can supports the body’s natural healing processes. It has been known to support relaxation and calm anxiety & nervous system disorders. It can assist in pain management as it supports a healthy flow of energy throughout the body. Many leave a session feeling more “grounded” and connected with themselves. It also can be very uplifting and is supportive to people on a spiritual level. 

Mariah studied, Qi neigh Sang a form of abdominal chi massage with Taoist Qi Master, Mantak Chia. Throughout the years, she embraced many of his other teachings, including the Microcosmic orbit, Qigong & healing sounds, as well as other energy practices that support balance and a healthy mind, body and heart connection. She has a lot of experience in the field of energy healing and has worked on all kinds of people. Most recently, for several years she offered her services at a severe brain injury/trauma live-in facility- Offering healing touch energy healing, and yoga & sound healing to those with physical and mental impairments. She has worked for those in hospice and also for those that are simply wanting to boost their energy, support energy cleansing or bring healing to a specific area of the body. This work is calming and relaxing and can support a release of stress or mental/emotional issues as well. She currently shares energy healing, through her classes as well as individually, in person and online.


Experience the power of energy healing and the way it can support your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. We’d love to work with you. 


”Develop your senses. Especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”
Leonardo da Vinci 

How energy healing can help you?

Improve the Flow of Energy throughout the body.

Relieve stress & anxiety and support Relaxation and a greater sense of calm.

Nourish the organs and tissues.

Open the heart to the healing from the inside out.

It may Increase longevity and Improve bone and cardiovascular health.

Aids balance of body, mind & spirit.

Reduces pain, speeds healing-Supporting the body's natural healing process

Clear negative energy and remove energetic blocks in the mind & body.

Improve overall sense of Well Being.

Help you cope with difficulties in life and allow a stressed nervous system to relax.

Qigong & Yoga

 Qigong is an ancient form of Chinese medicine that utilizes physical movements, breathing techniques and focused intention to increase Qi and vitality and support a holistic approach to healing. Qigong can treat various illnesses of the body/mind. It has been known to support many chronic illnesses as it clears energy blockages and improves the flow of energy throughout the body. It improves strength and can support joints, tissues and organ health. It essentially activates Qi ( energy) and moves chi throughout the body to wherever it’s needed most. It continues to be a very beneficial practice for stress relief, trauma, anxiety and depression. 

At AHC we incorporate qigong and healing sounds often with yoga. Yoga is a great practice for all body types, improving strength and flexibility and supporting a calm and centered mind. 

Mariah is Qigong student and teacher and has been a Yoga Instructor and Reiki practitioner for nearing two decades. She combines Qigong, fluid movement and sound in her yoga classes, as she’s found that it supports a holistic-whole body approach. Qigong softens the tissues, allowing energy to move throughout the body to where it is needed most and Yoga improves strength & flexibility, among other benefits, and they both are great at calming the mind and stress relief. She has taught qigong & yoga for several years through city of eugene recreation, most recently working with seniors. She teaches in a relaxed and intuitive way and many have benefited greatly from her classes.

Mariah is a Certified Yoga Instructor through the Sivananda Yoga ashram in the Bahamas. Practicing Yoga radically transformed her relationship with her body.. As a child she played various sports, and as you may know, many sports can bring the body out of balance rather than in balance. Yoga on the other hand works to bring balance to the body, mind and spiritually. She suffered from back pain the last few years of high school and into college and began practicing yoga and healed herself of daily chronic back pain. The benefits of a yogic lifestyle truly and profoundly helped her in more ways than one. The practice and the mantras/chants she has embraced through yoga, have acted like a pillar of light continually supporting her connection with herself and the divine, and as a healing aid to others as well. She will always be eternally grateful for the knowledge of these practices in her life.

Mariah’s yoga class focuses on alignment, fluid movement and breath. The class tends to be really great for those that are new to yoga and needing a more therapeutic effect, as well as still encouraging and beneficial to those that regularly practice. She strives to help guide her students to acknowledge and look at what is present in their body’s and mind in a loving way – Learning to listen to the “internal rhythms” and their own body’s needs. For grounding and integration, she weaves in sound practices at the start and end of class. There is a strong focus on breath as she believes that breathing in and out of each pose is as important as the posture itself and she aims to support her students in returning to the peaceful & empowered center within themselves. 

Relieve Emotional And Physical Pain

Qi Gong & Yoga are known for improving strength and flexibility as well as overall health & wellness and supporting mood and stress relief 


Allow for a greater sense of connection to self, others, the elements and our environment.

Create sustainable change

Qigong & Yoga may be practiced on a regular basis to improve longevity, support healthy joints, have a healing effect on organs and tissues of the body and nurture a calm and centered mind.


Nourish and support a balance of Body, Mind and Spirit. 

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