What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful and effective tool in dealing with life’s stressors and reducing or eliminating depression, anxiety and stress related disorders. “EFT is a type of Meridian Tapping that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology with amazing results.” It helps to address deep-seated patterns & feelings and to create positive shifts in our lives. Students often find that working on the emotional aspect of their lives on a subconscious level, physical symptoms resolve themselves.

Practicing EFT stimulates energy flow in the body, such like acupuncture and calms the ‘fight or flight’ response in the brain. This enables people to handle stress more effectively and restores the body’s balance of energy- Treating physical and emotional pain and releasing stored emotions, stress and traumas from the body & energy field.

“Tapping” (aka EFT) creates neural shifts in the brain that help clients to begin to operate from beliefs that are supportive to their Health & Wellness, as opposed to working with conditioned beliefs that may be working against them. At AHC, It also can be a very spiritually activating & supportive practice & be used to assist in your  healing and awakening journey. People often leave a session feeling relaxed, uplifted and inspired!

Profound results have been found with EFT, regarding cellular function and the brain. Neurological shifts can be experienced and deep-seated patterns often are able to shift with practice.

No matter how long the issue has been present or how heavy it feels~ ~We are Transformational beings~. Essentially we can “Unwire” and “Rewire” with the help of EFT- Rewiring the brain to respond and support us in healthy ways. We are made up of energy and energy shifts. The focus of this work is to develop true acceptance for ourselves and what is present at a core level, and find True Love for who we are, no matter what is happening in our lives. In doing so, we can embrace our wounds, be aware of subconscious beliefs or old conditioned responses and Invite new possibilities in our hearts and lives-Moving forward and Allowing in the love or healing we seek.

EFT allows us to work with the subconscious mind in a productive way, so that we can create positive healing shifts. Our brain is wired to “keep us safe”, but sometimes that keeps us from taking healthy risks, greeting our potential, and reaching for or allowing what we really want in life. “What we Resist Persists”, but by applying this technique, we can meet our resistance with Love, learn to let go and with practice, problems and issues, often are given the permission slip to release and experience positive change.

Mariah offers private sessions as well as Transformation-based group “Tapping” sessions to support an Activation of the heart, and aid her students and clients in embracing a healthy Mind, Body & Heart connection. These group sessions, many have been found to be empowering and inspiring. Gathering with others to “Tap” and affirm new empowering beliefs and to release and “Do the work” can really be a powerful way to feel supported in clearing old patterns & limiting ideas and tap into healing possibilities within. For, when “two or more gather” the energy and potency can very well be magnified.

With all we have been collectively going through these past few years and all the uncertainty that still remains.. It really is a powerful time to come together to nurture, restore and transform. Mind body practices really can be very supportive in these times and even necessary for mental health and wellness in our own lives as well as our children’s and friends. We have now truly entered the “Aquarian Age” and with all the shifts and activations on the planet in these life changing times, May we know…we most definitely are not alone, there is support available. Seen and Unseen! When it comes down to it…people need people and we are in this together!

“From pain relief, to healing childhood traumas, to clearing limiting financial beliefs, weight loss, body image and food cravings, to fears and phobias, Tapping is proving to be a powerful, well-researched and easy to learn and apply technique” (Tapping Solution).

   I look forward to Tapping with you! Keep scrolling to learn more about this beautiful practice. 

Relieve Emotional And Physical Pain

EFT is an effective way of releasing emotional patterns and aiding stress & pain relief. Many have healed or greatly reduced anxiety & depression and also found Improvement in their physical health from beginning there “tapping” journey. 

Remove blocks

EFT allows us to retrain old mental patterns, conditioning or emotional/energetic blocks and bring healing and transformation to the inner child within and to the hurt places. 

Create sustainable change

EFT can help to calm the mind & nervous system, Open the heart to healing from within and Allow for more Love, Joy and Acceptance in our lives. It supports radical self love and can also be used to help us to reconnect with our spiritual essence. 

Enhance Neuroplasticity

It creates new neural pathways in our brain that can transform unresolved emotional pain into peace and emotional freedom. This can allow for us to be operating from positive beliefs that support our health & wellness as opposed to conditioned negative beliefs that keep us in a state of “lack” or “stagnation”.

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How EFT can help you?

It may allow you to get in touch with and work on healing, what the underlying cause of stress or dis-ease is in your life.

It can free emotions so we may live optimally in our natural states with Joy and Peace!

It calms the nervous system, reduces stress and aids in establishing harmony within.

It reminds us that all things are energy and that energy can easily shift.

It creates neural pathways that provide the space for real positive shifts in our lives by first changing the brain.

It may increase your power to manifest and allow into your life, what truly serves and nourishes you.

It brings greater clarity, focus, ease and relaxation.

EFT often brings healing benefit to physical illness or distress in the body. It supports pain management and can aid in weight loss.

It brings us into the present moment and is helpful for grounding and for releasing traumas from the past or recurring "patterns".

By applying this practice you may notice your life beginning to transform for the better, in beautiful transformative ways.

How does EFT work?

EFT works with the same energy meridians, used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments for over five thousand years.

With Eastern Medicine, the goal is to clear the blockage or “energy” and restore proper energy flow throughout the body. By doing this we can heal all sorts of dis-ease’ or illness in the body/mind.

EFT addresses negative self-talk, traumas or events, stuck or blocked energy, and/or old recurring patterns in ones life. When we are stressed out our nervous system works in a ‘fight or flight’ response. As humans, rather  than allowing our feelings and working on the problem right then and there, we are often taught to avoid the pain or mask it with better feeling things and just continue on with life. What can happen, is our emotions are then stored somewhere in the body, only to be repeated again in a different or similar form. If in a constant state of stress the immunity goes down, adrenals become overworked and various other emotional and physical symptoms may result.

This beautiful modality provides us a technique to address what ails us in a loving, nurturing and effective way. When we open to new possibilities through EFT, our brain is able to form new connections and literally allow us to embrace new healing potentials. When we can hold our pain with love and acknowledgment and at the same time know what we are capable of as conscious creators, we can tap into a greater power within us and awaken our hearts to healing.  

Clearing the source of the pain through EFT often results in a deeper healing of the various symptoms you may be experiencing.

The pain or illness is not you… It is simply your body’s way of telling you something. It’s guiding you back to yourself and what is wanting to be addressed and looked at within. No matter how deep or intense your personal struggle is, healing Is possible, whether that be on physical or emotional levels or both. Again, We are made of energy and energy can shift in an instant! Many people have been “diagnosed” with a particular “dis-­ease” or “dis­order”, and feel their life is subject to that illness. You can take steps right now and join those who have been “diagnosed” yet have found tremendous healing through natural methods, like Emotional Freedom technique. With this practice you may discover how your body can help heal you on a deeper level. 

Whether it’s an illness, a trauma resurfacing from the past, experiencing loss, anxiety, stress, depression, simply feeling stifled or blocked, desiring support with moving forward with business or creative aspirations., or wanting to allow/attract something in your life, EFT is here to help. Tapping can help you address these issues in a safe loving space and help you find deep acknowledgment and love for a pain that feels beyond repair. Good news, Love is healing ! And it exists within you in this moment now! We would love to support you in your next healing steps.

EFT helps to create neurological shifts in the brain, that can aid us in "Feeling" our feelings, navigating emotions and creating positive changes in our lives.

Emotional Freedom Technique helps people have a healthy relationship with their feelings. Which supports not only the relationship they have with themselves but also the relationships and events that take place in their lives.

We recommend working with a qualified EFT practitioner to find the desired results. It can make all the difference, from moving from a place of frustration or feeling hopeless, to renewed hope, transformation and healing.

Are you ready to take the initiative in your healing process? Maybe you have been on the healing journey for a while and are ready for the next step. This work truly is special and if you are willing to give it some real effort, it might just surprise you how simple but effective it can be. It starts with an open heart to simply try the technique.

You are worthy of Healing and of living in your hearts Joy! The universe supports your Success and Freedom. You are not alone in your healing journey. You deserve to live fully and have love in your life! It all starts with loving yourself.

Please do reach out with any questions or if you are looking for support.

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