Awaken Your Healing Power It all starts at the Heart Center.

Awaken Your Healing Power It all starts at the Heart Center.

Mariah Ambika’s Mission

Supporting clients in embracing radical self love, empowerment, energetic and emotional wellness, and having a healthy relationship with their feelings and body/mind connection. Awaken Heart Center helps clients & students activate the heart to support healing potentials that lie within. These practices can help people listen to and reconnect with their bodies, open their heart and mind, and deepen their connection with their soul essence. 

Awaken Heart Center assists clients in healing old wounds and limiting subconscious patterns & blocks held in the body, mind or energy field. The Transformative group EFT “Tapping” sessions offer a space to embrace true self-love, while awakening the heart, calming the nervous system, and Inspiring the Soul. Mariah is an Inspirational guide that helps clients/students on emotional, physical & spiritual levels. The healing techniques offered at AHC can help people on their unique life paths in the realms of relationships, work & finances,  trauma, addiction, mental/emotional or physical health & wellness, energy cleansing, manifestation work & attraction, spiritual awakening, embracing a healthy relationship with feelings and/or simply supporting a calm & centered mind.



Emotional Freedom Technique


EFT offers a space to transform through trauma and old wounds, to clear blocks in the way of successes, free stress & anxiety and take charge in our Healing. When we are in a regulated state, we are able to think more clearly and find solutions to things with ease and possibility! As resistance or subconscious blocks clear.. Healing happens.

This work brings healing to the heart, illuminates and lights up what’s been hidden to release old worries, fears, patterns that no longer serve, so we may bring the acceptance, love and compassion that’s needed to truly transform and empower optimal health & wellness. The practice supports a shift in limiting beliefs and ideas held in the body/mind and empowers new positive beliefs that are supportive to our empowerment & forward momentum in our lives. Mariah offers private sessions online and in person and teaches Transformation based Group “Tapping”workshops in Eugene at various centers including Everyday People Yoga. This work is great for empaths and people that are looking for tools to use on their own or with others to support and promote healing in body, mind & spirit.

Click to Learn more about EFT and how it may help you. Send us a message if you have any questions or would like to book an online session ! 

Energy Healing
Reiki, Yoga, Qigong


Learn to listen to the body & be in touch with its intuitive needs through energy healing and gentle energy movement practices. These modalities teach body awareness…Ways to tap into and balance our main energy centers, activate Qi and allow energy to flow throughout the body and to where it’s needed most. This can support relaxation, a healthy body-mind union and an openness to present moment awareness.

Mariah is a Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer, she offers Reiki Healing touch Individual sessions & Qi practices. This work can support energy and spiritual cleansing, chakra balancing as well as support the body’s innate wisdom to heal and renew itself.  She offers cranial and energy healing on its own and often in conjunction with sound therapy or with an EFT healing appt.

Mariah is an experienced Yoga teacher for many years and teaches combination Yoga & Qigong classes and chair yoga currently at Campbell center in Eugene. She also shares Qi practices at her EFT healing workshops. 

Sound Healing
Chants and Meditation


Sound healing & meditation calms the nervous system and supports the mind in softening, so the heart and Intuition can be more deeply felt. This can help clients to open their heart to a true sense of connection and peace within. Sound tones & instruments, mantras/chants and meditation is shared often with the other modalities to help integrate the work~Bridging the gap & supporting renewal in mind, body & spirit.. These practices naturally can take us into the subconscious and unconscious to help us attune our energy so we may be in a more receptive and open space to help us let go, regulate and reconnect to the peaceful & empowered center within.

Come join a workshop or class and experience the benefit of healing sound. We’d love to hear from you! 

Meet Mariah

Mariah Ambika has been a student and practitioner within the healing arts throughout her adult life. As an empath since birth, her great sensitivities inspired her path as a healer. Her own healing path and caring nature, and desire to get to the root of an issue to support others’ healing processes have taken her on a journey of service and discovery as an Intuitive energy healer and Alternative health practitioner. Through all of her studies, she has learned an Integrative approach to assist people in finding healing emotionally & energetically, physically and spiritually.


She supports her clients in breaking through old limiting subconscious patterns and opening & empowering new beliefs & possibilities in their lives.
Her intention is to help people in embracing radical self love & empowerment, reconnect with their soulful nature, and heal from the inside out. 


Through her practice as a Certified Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner and teacher, Yoga & Qigong Instructor, Sound healer through CIIS in San Francisco and Energy healer, ( Reiki Master, Theta healer etc.) She has found that through applying this emotionally-freeing work and helping people balance their energy and calm their nervous system-People can release stress & anxiety and feelings of overwhelm and open themselves more easily towards the healing they desire, and what serves their heart & life. This work often supports clients in reclaiming power & trust within themselves and in the universe/higher power, and may help them embrace more Alignment and connection to their Inner intuitive nature.


She has travelled to teach Transformation based group EFT “Tapping” sessions throughout the West coast and other regions and currently resides on a beautiful piece of land in the Pacific Northwest where she offers private and Group EFT & energy healing sessions online, as well as In person workshops, events and retreats.


March 16th’ 2024

Spring Renewal Women’s workshop!

This half day workshop is going to be really beautiful!! I hope that you can make it. Click Flyer for more info <3


We are here to Heal and grow together
     Spring healing and Renewing


Sign up soon as early bird prices end soon! We’re so excited to be with you!




2023 Events

The last workshop of the year ! 

Tapping through the shadow , Illuminate the Light & healing from within! 



Click image above for more info and to sign up! 

   Past Events! 2023

Inspire the New! Jan 28, 2023!



Create the world you wish to see with EFT.

  Clear resistance, release the old and welcome the New, what’s Aligned & True this year!

Embrace Healing and Renew yourself in Body, Mind & Soul

@  Spirit Heart Eugene ~Saturday, 3-5 pm, $20-$25

You can Pay at the door. All are welcome!



July 29th 2-4pm, 2023

A special EFT event and energy balancing with Hafiz

At Stargate on Willamette in Eugene

Come Join Us!

Clear, Rewire and Renew


October 27th’ 23! 3-5pm

Full Moon Emotional Freedom Technique Workshop with QI flow and Sound healing! 

Eclipse Into Love <3

~Relationship & Healing Triggers~





 November 2023

“Tapping” through Scorpio Season series, Come Join Us! 

Behind Stargate to the right suite 5,

  1374 Willamette St.

Nov.18th sign up below!


Grief & Gratitude <3

Embracing & Allowing


Cost: $20- $30 donation per Class 

We come together to Heal together!

Sign up for Nov. 18th workshop here 🙂




                                                                 Looking Forward to Coming Together to Heal Together!




    2022 Healing Workshops


       October through December ’22

    You are Invited to the Emotional Freedom Technique Healing Series!

    Click link for more info!
    4 Emotional detox sessions $111

    Be nourished from the Inside out.

     Come Join us!





    ~Awaken Heart Wellness Retreat experience! Sept.24th’ 2022~

     EFT, Kundalini, Sauna, Cacao, Dance! 

    ~Click the image below to be directed to the beautiful land where this event will take place ! Or if interested in attending a future event check this magical place out! ~


    Come celebrate the New moon & Equinox with us <3





    What our clients are saying !  


    “I am so grateful to have the pleasure of doing EFT sessions with Mariah Amibika. EFT was very healing for me. It allowed me to feel my pain while also transcending it. The hypnotic aspect of it was important for me since I’m in my head a lot. It allowed me to enter my body more and let the teachings reach me on a deeper, cellular level. Mariah is very compassionate, understanding, and non-judgemental. She has a wonderful way of listening and then giving what you need most. She is a very talented practitioner and healer and I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to feel better emotionally, break through life patterns, or just have someone to talk to.”

     Jonathon Gudstadt, Baytrix Web

    “EFT is to say the least life changing, words cannot describe what it has done for me to break the pattern of doubt and internal thoughts of defeat.  Mariah has shared a gift with me that is one that I get to open on a daily basis it’s a practice.  Her passion for healing and helping is in itself amazing, she will give her very essence to enlighten your inner being.  I am blessed to have met her and hope to receive more of her blessings.  Namaste”

    Mike Pittenger, Yoga pitt

    “I found EFT to be surprisingly effective as a support for my health and wellbeing.  The way Mariah teaches is gentle and direct, working holistically and deeply in flow with whats present. I appreciate how versatile and “in tune” her workshops and personal sessions are. I have experienced tremendous results from working with her and would recommend her service to anyone seeking better health and wellbeing.”

    Anna Jackson 

    “With a sterling voice and knowledge of yoga, EFT and sound healing, Mariah shines brightly as a teacher, performer and healer. Her monthly Emotional Freedom Technique and yoga workshop is a favorite at my studio; every student who attends is touched by her presence!” 

     Joan Hawley McClain

    “Mariah’s Yoga Qigong class is truly uplifting and wonderful!
    Her teaching methods and knowledge are outstanding. The calm atmosphere that she infuses
    makes the class so fun and so rewarding. It has helped me heal after surgery.
    I am looking forward to the fall class!”

    Mary Tanner

    “Mariah creates an environment of freedom to express emotions directly.
    With an integration of EFT Tapping, Sound, Movement, and beautiful, poignant, Affirmations, she is offering opportunities for personal discovery and change, as well as an 
    expansion of your own practice.”

    Sarah Crow

    “I’ve been lucky to have Mariah as my yoga & qigong instructor for over 8 years to gently strengthen & guide me back to better movement after a few unfortunate injuries which limited my activities. 
    Mariah is consistent in her encouraging way to keep us moving and get the good energy flowing. Combining breath, movement & music, her technique leaves me feeling refreshed like I’ve had a spiritual shower after one of her 1 hr classes.
    She is knowledgeable and diverse in the healing arts.  I highly recommend Mariah, a kind, focused, present good energy woman.  She has made a positive difference in the quality of my life,
    for which I am grateful. Namaste”

     Debbie  Arnst

    ”Mariah is a gift from all that is good on this planet. Her toolbox of healing modalities is wide and effective. Sound, EFT, Massage, Reiki and much more. I met her in the throes of a cancer diagnosis, and very down in the dumps. She genuinely cared and was eager to guide through that whole journey. I could feel how genuine she was. I was transformed every time I saw her. I truly do love this women. I wish I could carry her in my pocket! She is the real healer and helps you activate healing. Thank God for her.”

    Cindy O’Brian 




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